Welcome to Recycling Rewards!

Recycle Rewards is an innovative collection service that serves as the important link between those wishing to part with unwanted, reusable goods and those in need of them.

How can we help YOU?

Recycling Rewards provides the following services:

  • Makes FREE door-to-door pick ups for households needing assistance in disposing of goods they no longer want or need.
  • Creates FUNDRAISING PROGRAMS for schools, community groups or other non- profit organizations who need to generate ongoing revenue for their cause – without time consuming planning and administration or incurring financial risk.
  • Answers the call of property managers that want to sponsor a RECYCLING BIN on their grounds and be assured it will be well attended to.


RE: Unsolicited Telemarketing Calls by Thrift Magic

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has informed Thrift Magic LP. that a number of calls made to Canadian consumers initiated between 1 January 2012 and 27 June 2014 constituted violations of the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules (the Rules) made by the CRTC pursuant to section 41 of the Telecommunications Act.  Specifically, the calls were made by Thrift Magic to consumers who were registered on the National DNCL at a time when Thrift Magic was neither registered nor subscribed to the National DNCL.


In recognition of the CRTC's concerns that because of Thrift Magic's commitment ensure compliance with the Rules, Thrift Magic has voluntarily agreed to, among other things, pay an administrative monetary penalty and implement a comprehensive compliance program to ensure that such violations do not occur in the future.