Company and Service Overview

Today, demand for used clothing is tremendous. Much of this potentially valuable used clothing is wasting away in our closets, basements, attics –or worse yet – landfill sites. Did you know that there are 219, 450 tons of textile waste in Canada's landfills?


The Recycling Rewards Used Clothing Donation Bin Program aims to rescue this used clothing by placing donation bins in locations that are both convenient and visible. Please consider Clothing Donation Bins as a great no-cost addition to your community's waste management plan.

Company and Service Overview

The Organization
Recycling Rewards supports local charities through the collection and redistribution of used goods. The company supplies our thrift stores Talize, and the proceeds go to reputable non-profit organizations. Through sponsorship of a donation bin, you help to save the environment, and benefit your local cause.

Recycling Rewards provides free of charge clothing donation boxes (sized to suit your space) in local locations as well as service for each bin; being a partner of Recycling Rewards by providing space for a clothing donation bin costs you nothing! The boxes will be serviced every single day after 7 pm Monday through Friday and day and evening time during the weekends. Our toll-free number is available for any calls of concern or additional collection requests. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

How does Recycling Rewards support local Charities?
Recycling Rewards is a platinum partner in support of The Children's Wish Foundation. This organization is confident that is able to relay on guaranteed revenue with no financial risk. Recycling Rewards pays directly for the goods or offers a guaranteed profit to the charity. The Children's Wish Foundation receives currently more than $120,000 yearly since 2006. Your contribution will help in granting a wish to a child with a life-threatening illness. The Children's Wish Foundation currently has over 13,500 children coping with high risk and life threatening illnesses across Canada.

Recycling Rewards proudly supports The Children's Wish Foundation through the collection and redistribution of clothing and housewares. Our Donation Bin Program aims to rescue these items by placing donation bins in locations that are both convenient and visible.

Recycling Rewards offers $400.00 yearly rent per location to those organizations who give us the opportunity to place donation bins on their properties. We will also pay $300.00 yearly (tax deductible) on your behalf to a charity of your choice. If no charity is appointed, the $300.00 will be forwarded to The Children's Wish Foundation and a charity receipt will be issued in your name for tax purposes.

Other benefits to the Donation Bin Program:

  • FREE everyday service of the bin – maintenance includes bin cleaned; area swept and salted; any garbage removed
  • The opportunity to help keep our environment GREEN and contribute to society's awareness of an important cause
  • By agreeing to place one of our bins at your location, you will help grant a wish to a child with a life-threatening illness
  • The Donation Bin Program contributes to the saving of our planet

For further information, please visit Call us now at: 1-866-9-2REUSE (927-3873)