Fund Raising

Is your charity, school, community group, sports team, cadet troupe or other non-profit organization searching for ways to generate funds to support your programs? Then let Recycling Rewards get your fundraising efforts underway!

We have an ongoing partnership with Talize, a national thrift retail chain, who GUARANTEES they will purchase ALL of the clothing and household items we collect either through our own channels or via collection drives organized by you. This ensures non-profit organizations and community groups such as yours can raise the funds they need. It also means that the collected goods will realize a second life cycle by being offered at affordable prices to Canadian families trying to stretch their dollars. To further the recycling effort, Talize also sends unsold items to developing nations, ensuring the items don’t end up in our landfills.

Read below for how your charity or group can get started


For registered charities

With Recycling Rewards, not only do we guarantee revenue for your organization’s cause but you can be assured that we will promote our relationship in a positive and professional manner.

Our quick, reliable and courteous service includes:
  • Telemarketing
  • Advertising through direct mail
  • Door-to-door collection
  • Sponsored collection bins managed on your behalf

What’s more, not only do you receive the financial rewards of an effective fundraiser, your charity also enjoys increased overall awareness. And, you can rest easy that Recycling Rewards exists as a legitimate business to support important non-profit organizations in reaching their fundraising goals. Recycling Rewards is a proud partner with the Children’s Wish Foundation in Ontario and BC. Their vision is to "work with the community to provide children living with high risk, life threatening illnesses the oppurtunity to realize their most heartfelt wish".