About Recycling Rewards

Did you know 85% of all textiles end up in a landfill despite 95% being fully recyclable? Currently, there are approximately 500 million pounds of textile sitting in Canadian landfills today. Textile puts tremendous strain on our environment. Decomposing clothing and other household materials in the landfill releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas and a significant contributor to global warming. There are dyes and chemicals in fabric and other components of clothing and shoes that can leach into the soil, contaminating both surface and groundwater.

Recycling Rewards is a for-profit duly licensed Canadian recycling company operating in the Provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. We have been around for 12 years setting the standard in recycling industry for the collection and recycling of clothing, toys, books, small appliances and other unwanted items. We are proud member of Recycling Council Of Ontario promoting a greener earth by providing quick and easy solution to textile recycling while supporting charities. We believe “Recycle + Reuse= Rewards”.

We have well established virtual call center, truck and fleet services to provide excellent Pick-up and Donation Bin Programs. We built, placed & maintain over 700 textile recycling bins across Ontario & BC and we have 19 trucks to provide best Residential Curbside Textile Collection & Recycling programs.


“I’m very happy with your service with regards to following ups and regular pick-ups to ensure no overflow of the donation bin. Keep up the good work. Thanks.” – Mark (Property Manager,  Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.)


We are so grateful to have a service with you and your company and thank you so much for all your help. Everything was so organized and all the residents are so happy about it.”- Yassaman (Property Manager, DEL Property Management Inc.)


Everything is great here, no complaints or issues.”- Bess (Assistant Manager, FirstService Residential)


Our MIssion

Divert 100% of textile waste from landfills by recycling.

Our Vision

Promote greener earth by providing quick and easy solution to textile and other household goods recycling while supporting charities


Partnership benefits

  • We provide Exceptional, Reliable and Dependable recycling and collection services 
  • We provide FREE Home Pick-up and Donation Bin Program service
  • We help Reduce Operating Costs
  •  We pay for the BIN placement
  • Help support a Canadian Company
  • Help create jobs. Recycling Rewards has created more than 600 jobs
  • Help create a healthy environment by diverting excessive build up in our landfills. In 2016, Recycling Rewards recycling programs helped divert approximately 20 million pounds of textiles and other items from our landfills
  • Help support Charities. Recycling Rewards donate about $400,000 or more a year to The Children's Wish Foundation and other charities
  • We have 98% Diversion rate
  • Spread awareness about textile recycling
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Become Leaders in Textile Recycling 


end market

We have an ongoing partnership with Talize Thrift Store, a National Thrift Retail Chain, who GUARANTEES they will purchase ALL of the clothing and household items. To further the recycling effort, Talize ships unsold items to developing nations. Textiles that are too worn or damaged is sent to companies for upholstery stuffing & rags, ensuring nothing ends up in our landfills. Currently, we have 98% diversion rate.